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Andrew Oxtoby
Chief Commercial Officer

Re: Letter of Recommendation for Alison Brantley

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of working with Alison Brantley for over a year since I joined Aimmune Therapeutics in January of 2019. As a colleague, I have seen several examples of Alison’s contributions across our organization, and have come to appreciate her candid style, wit, and authentic approach of connecting with people through her written communications.

One notable example of Alison’s work at Aimmune was the creation of the Profiles in Company series of articles on our company homepage. Each article featured an in-depth interview and written portrait of an Aimmune employee, who were taken from many different functions across the company. These articles went beyond the usual ‘skin-deep’ profiles of employees which invariably usually focus on superficial job responsibilities, and instead allowed the reader to get-to-know each person at a personal level. As a result, the articles drew a lot of consistent interest from all employees, which in turn drew a lot of traffic to the homepage so that employees could be made aware of important announcements, and other more mundane (although necessary!) information.

This innovative approach that Alison envisioned, championed, and implemented brought forth a more human side of the company to our employee base, which has helped to bring to life the company’s values and culture I’m confident that other organizations would benefit from Alison’s evident skills and approach as a communications professional.


Andrew Oxtoby
Chief Executive Officer 
Aimmune Therapeutics 

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