Wendy Ladd - A Voice to Listen To

When Wendy was 6 years old, she joined “The Singing Angels,” a chorus of children aged 6 to 18. They travelled around the world from her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. The chorus sang at venues in the US and other countries, for American Presidents and other public figures.

Wendy’s special vocal talent in the group became well known; by 13 she sang the solo “Ave Maria” for Pope John Paul II on the chorus’s trip to the Vatican. She credits these amazing childhood experiences to the vision and hard work of one person: her mother. She gave Wendy the tools to meet the world and find her place. Her mother told her, “You can go anywhere if you are prepared.” She helped give Wendy the opportunity to share her beautiful voice, but also gave her permission to have a voice and a mind of her own to inspire and lead others.

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Pheophilus Glover – Inspired to Care

After a successful ACAAI last month, I interview Pheo Glover, Medical Affairs Associate Director, whose career was inspired by a caring pharmacist who went beyond the norm.

A: First of all, tell me about your name; is it a family name?

P: No, it's not a family name. I'm the youngest of four and I think my Mom just decided to be a little creative. My name is of Greek origin and there is a version of it in the Bible that begins with a "T" instead of a "P."

A: Do you know what it means?

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Brad Lavinder – Getting it Right to the Patient

Brad, who works in the North Carolina office, was in Brisbane for an event with the Clinical Supply Chain. He talks about his work at RTP and why he loves what he does.

A: How did you get into this line of work?

B: It was my first job out of college.

A: Where did you go to college and what did you study?

B: I studied exercise, science, and physiology at Appalachian State College in western North Carolina with the intent to go into physical therapy. It's funny we're talking about this because one reason I'm here in California is we had a team building day in San Francisco

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Christina Capule – Meeting the Challenge of Egg Allergy

In our series of getting to know the people of Aimmune, we now turn to part of our business that is not seen by so many but infinitely critical to the success of the products Aimmune stands behind. I met with Christina Capule, Senior Manager, Analytical Development in the Quality Control Department, on her last day before her maternity leave:

A: I got a little bit of the excitement that’s happening around egg from a conversation with Britney Michaels from Project Management and Reyna Simon in Early Development. I know you’ve been an important part of getting the product ready for the clinical trial.

But first, tell me about yourself - where are you from?

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Kate McKeown – Growing with Aimmune

In our series of getting to know the people of Aimmune, we go to our London office to meet Kate McKeown, one of the longest employed members of Aimmune, who has changed roles to meet the challenges of a growing company.


A: Where were you born?

K: I was born in a place call Amersham, which is in the south of the UK. My father was a banker, so we travelled around quite a lot. His job first took us to Hong Kong for about 18 months, and then on to Australia. I’ve got Australian citizenship, which I would love to use one day!

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Andrew Oxtoby – Interview with Andrew Oxtoby, COO

This interview is the first in a continuous series called PROFILES IN COMPANY. We'll be
taking a deeper look at the people who work for Aimmune and getting to know them from
all levels and locations within the company. Our first subject is our new Chief Commercial
Officer, Andrew Oxtoby, who began his job on January 22nd and hit the ground running.

AB:  Why don't you give us a little background on yourself and how you came to the US.
AO: I was born and raised in Yorkshire in the north of England. My father was a professor at
the University there; he taught electrical engineering. When I was a teenager he got a job
teaching at Purdue University in Indiana, so he moved over here for a year. My mum and the
rest of us stayed behind (I'm the oldest of four). After a year, Purdue said do you want to
work here permanently, so we moved there as a family and I studied engineering at Purdue. 

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