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The first thing you see are the eyes. Eyes that see and feel. Large and softly round, open beyond being open. Most people think they are ocean blue, but if you look closely, or if you get to know her, they are more fresh water lake green. Every feature of her face is round and open. Her nose is soft and curved, her lips full, her eyes, again, large. The contour of her face bespeaks the roundness and kindness of her soul, of how she walks the earth without malice for anyone else except herself. Her kindness is naked, even when she wants to hide it. She has not learned yet to let the darkness and its power into her rounded countenance, to let it fully express the strength that is there.  Look closer at her eyes, and you cannot be affected by the angle and thickness of her dark eyebrows. They are intelligent and critical, looking over her open eyes. Her cheekbones are high. When she raises her jaw line and holds her head up, she exists in a place she did not before. Her large, sensual lips cover large, jutting teeth. The eyebrows, cheekbones, and mouth add a heady, critical air in contrast to her softness. Her hair is as straight and unbending as her will. It frames the struggle between the roundness of her cheeks, her soulful eyes, and the angular eyebrows, prominent cheekbones and jutting teeth of her head and its insistent wit.


She is a contradiction. A sharp round person.

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