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Laurie Reid

Owner, Frances Reid Studios

Alison is a poet in her heart and a marketer in her mind. She quickly understands the essence of the brand and deftly produces the kind of copy that resonates with the target audience. I love working with her! I definitely recommend her for product copywriting of all kinds.


Diana S. Silva

Manager of Institutional Marketing – San Joaquin Valley College

Alison has proven to be a consistently adept interviewer with a keen sense of story. She finds our educators’ passion for teaching and our students' inspiration for learning. Her pieces are engaging and entertaining, striking the perfect balance for attracting prospective students. 

Theo Koffler Portrait 2.8.21.png

Theo Koffler


What a tremendous gift Alison brought to Mindfulness Without Borders! Her compelling blend of eloquent language and business insight is a rare gem. Alison was able to hold a mirror up to our organization and the reflection she cast in the written word successfully attracted stakeholders and funders at a most challenging time. Her ability to conduct research, manage relationships and bring clarity to strategic decisions is undeniably reason to connect and experience her talents and gifts.


Andrew Oxtoby

Chief Commercial Officer

[The] innovative approach that Alison envisioned, championed, and implemented brought forth a more human side of the company to our employee base, which has helped to bring to life the company’s values and culture I’m confident that other organizations would benefit from Alison’s evident skills and approach as a communications professional. (Read full letter of recommendation)

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.44.12

Eric Bjerkholt
Chief Financial Officer

I had the pleasure of working with Alison at Aimmune Therapeutics for several years. She is a wonderful writer with creative ideas about how to present information. She was also a strong contributor to the social fabric at Aimmune and she was liked by all.

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